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If you have questions about the Raspberry Pi project, please check the help section and search the forums before mailing us. There are not many of us and we are very busy, and although we do try our best to respond to emails, many of the answers to the questions we are asked are out there already.

Do you have a press inquiry? Contact us [email protected] are also welcome to email us here – we like bloggers. Please note, though, that mailing other inquiries to this address will result in your email being ignored.

Do you have a problem with logging into the forum or leaving a comment? You may have been caught out by our spambot. Email [email protected] and we’ll get your email address whitelisted.

Liz Upton answers PR questions and will also talk to you about appearances and conventions at [email protected] Again, please make sure that your question isn’t already answered in the FAQ or in the forums, or you risk having your email ignored. It should be noted that Liz responds very well to bribery in the form of beer or chocolate.

Do you have something else to say? We can’t promise to reply because we get thousands of emails, but if you email [email protected], we’ll be sure to read it.


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